Eru no Shouzou

The white crystal gem dances, clad in the wind
The waltz of frozen trees, the distant rotted Paradise
The black-eyed boy passes by, sweeping up the wind
The path lined by frozen trees, an abandoned house deep within the forest
The boy found the girl's portrait
"He" fell in love with "her," the abnormally pale girl
The signature in childish handwriting, the strangely warped title was
"To my beloved daughter Elyse on her eighth birthday..."
An illusion that leads to decadence, a sinful romance that continues to be woven
The sadness of being born to embrace pain

The fourth horizon -- that Paradise's name is "Elysion"
Soon the boy will search for his ideal [El]
Soon the boy will find his keyhole [El]
Soon the boy will search for his Paradise [El]
Soon the boy will find the girl [El]
If a daughter becomes a mother and gives birth to a daughter of her own
She repeats forever the original sin which lost Paradise
 In the space between the door of beginnings and the door of endings
"E" [El] and "A" [Abyss] attract each other -- the portrait of love and hate
Hands stained with sin, they fall in love many times
"E" [Eve] and "A" [Adam] desire each other -- the portrait of love and hate

Soon the boy will kill himself for the sake of a man,
and the girl will kill herself for the sake of a woman
These sinners lost in the wilderness of time,
what kind of Paradise are they building there?
The vision that Elysion shows many times is
the form of an Eden which should have been lost
Ah... how many illusions will that beautiful, barren land send forth?

From Anime
Section "Doujin" -- "Sound Horizon" -- Elysion ~Rakuen Gensou Monogatari Kumikyoku~

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