Hoy me di el lujo de pensar en yaoi cual vil fujoshi. Hurrrrr….

Todo gracias a la adorable entrevista en el Durarara Character CD, voiceado por Kamiya Hiroshi (Izaya) y Daisuke Ono (Shizuo)

Revisemos algunos fragmentos del mismo

“Even though Shizu-chan doesn’t love me – in fact, I’d have politely refused to be loved by him since it would have been a hell of trouble – but I wouldn’t mind being loved more by the chain of serendipity Shizu-chan is sometimes good at jingling.”

Si, Izaya, que el te amara fuera divertido. Ahora veamos que piensa Shizu al respecto:

Something I like!? Were you listening to me or have your ears grown deaf!? If that flea had 1% of trustworthiness in him things wouldn’t have turned out like this between him and me in the first place! Argh? If I had to? “If you had to, if you had to” – you’re fucking annoying. I TOLD YOU THERE ARE NONE!

Humm,ya veo. Este chico es razonable

Otro comentario sugestivo de Izaya:

Yeah…Shizu-chan is probably one of the toys I found in a million. One of those I want to break but at the same time want to play with for longer.

Veamos la respuesta de Shizuo:

“Oh. I forgot to mention…I hate violence. Make FUCKING sure you include that in the report. Punching and kicking and throwing things around……AAARGH!? I TOLD YOU ALREADY! I HATE VIOLENCE!! And I FUCKING HATE that flea bastard who makes me use it!!”

Y por ultimo, mi total favorita, la pregunta ¿Que le harias si pudieras atacar al otro dormido?

“I’ve seen his sleeping face, though. It was kind of cute. Until veins began to pop out on it 0.5 second later, that is. Ah, it might have been my fault[…]such as letting him wake up and find himself almost naked in the middle of 60-Story Street or a killing scene with a knife still in his hand. Ahh~speaking of which, there was this one I did enjoy…”

Oh Izaya, claro que fue lindo…hasta que agregaste lo del cuchillo

¿Y que dice Shizu al respecto?

“When he’s sleeping? Ahhh…I do know where his apartment is. Since it’s him I probably will…still not be able to do it. If he had that one ounce of humanness in him to let down his defenses even occasionally, things wouldn’t have turned out this way between him and me. – !!? He…saw my sleeping face!? (Grinds teeth) THAT FLEA BASTARD!! WHEN, WHERE, AT WHAT FUCKING POINT DID HE SEE IT!!”

Probablemente cuando te violo puso el cuchillo en la mano, amigo.

Narita,Narita, se que odias el yaoi, y aunque es disfrutable su relacion de odio, no puedo evitar el juntarlos. Uy, que pervertida soy.


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